What's New

After the ingest of data in January 2023, there are a further:

1,795 New Publications

3,993 New People

4 New Organisations

There is now a new feature in the Projects Tab:

Current Projects are now separate from Completed Projects.

When you look at the Projects section, the Current Projects will show by default. If you want to look at the Completed Projects, click on the left sidebar - 'Completed Projects'.

Sort by Newest

You can sort by 'Newest' to bring up the latest content for articles, people, organisations and projects.

In the search box at the top right of the page, type 'article', 'organisation', 'project' or 'people' and enter.

Then select 'newest' from the dropdown box.

The 'added' date is the date the information was ingested from the external databases.

Satisfaction Survey

There is a very short, one question survey to rate your satisfaction with WheatVIVO. (10=most satisfied)

A link will come up at the bottom of the screen after your session has started, please click on this link, and rate us from 1-10 to let us know what you think!

If you would like to provide any further feedback, please email 'wheatvivo@julius-kuehn.de'